The Bicycle Wheel: Physics and Engineering
by Bill Mould

The most comprehensive bicycle wheel video ever created

After a lifetime of scientific study, countless experiments and continuous research, the Ultimate Video Series is finally complete! There is not one aspect about wheels that isn't covered within this product. The Bicycle Wheel: Physics and Engineering holds approximately 15 hours of content, and you are guaranteed to find that this "college course" is the most comprehensive bicycle wheel video ever created. This downloadable video series literally covers everything that you need to know concerning the bicycle wheel.

With this purchase, you will automatically become a subscriber! This means that you will have free access to new files and updates, as Bill Mould continues to create additional content for this product with furthering scientific study. When new files arrive, you will be notified via email to visit your account page and access your new files right here on the website! This is a one-time payment for a life-time subscription. Don't miss out on this great opportunity! Check out this PRESS RELEASE for more information!

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Custom bicycle wheels in virginia, custom wheels by Bill MouldCustom bicycle wheels in virginia, custom wheels by Bill MouldCustom bicycle wheels in virginia, custom wheels by Bill Mould
Custom bicycle wheels in virginia, custom wheels by Bill MouldCustom bicycle wheels in virginia, custom wheels by Bill Mould
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Custom bicycle wheels in virginia, custom wheels by Bill Mould

Bill's Videos have proven to be complete guides to building the best wheels you'll ever ride. Bill's precision build process has been developed through the extensive study of engineering analysis to identify the critical stages of manufacturing. Through these Instructional Videos, you are guaranteed to gain the same understanding, as you learn the science and engineering standpoints of numerous techniques that are required for custom built wheels.

Through Bill's exceptional teaching ability, he continues to provide the knowledge and confidence that all students are looking for in order to build custom wheels! Read these Testimonials and see for yourself. Everyone is raging about Bill's instructional videos for the true amount of insight and scientific understanding that is being provided!

Shop around to view the products and learn about what each has to offer! The videos are now featuring the option of "product type", where you can either purchase the Physical Product OR purchase the Downloadable File where you will receive the videos right to your computer!
Anything "custom" sounds automatically expensive, but custom bicycle wheels are often the perfect solution to the needs of an individual rider. The wheel builder can balance issues of cost, weight, strength, durability, aerodynamic characteristics, rider weight, riding style, etc. and provide a cost-effective set of wheels that will outperform any stock wheels available. There is a wide variety of components, i.e., hubs, rims, and spokes, that can be put together in almost endless combinations in custom wheels.

In the end, the outcome will depend on the skill of the wheel builder. Prospective purchasers of custom wheels should do their homework in selecting a wheel builder based on a demonstrated track record of excellent results and not just pick the lowest bidder.

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