Master Wheel Building – II

Master Wheel Building – II


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Purchase both Master Wheel Building I and II for only 49.95!

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Master Wheel Building – II

Complete guides to building the best wheels you’ll ever ride.

Master Wheel Building – II picks up where Master Wheel Building I leaves off, offering 3.5 hours of additional expert instruction into the details of wheel building. Included are: measuring hubs for spoke length calculation; measuring effective rim diameter for standard rims as well as rims with internal nipples; on-line spoke length calculators; heads in and heads out lacing patterns for different kinds of wheels; allowable crossing patterns depending on the number of spokes; understanding rim hole stagger patterns and drilling angles through rims; how to use the Problem Solvers “Holy Driver” to obtain perfect consistency in nipple starting points; dimensions and types of spokes, nipples, and washers; proper use of a tensiometer; proper balancing of spoke tension; structural differences between standard and off-center rims; an engineering explanation of stress relieving; elimination of spoke windup; bladed spokes; special tools to use with Sapim CX-Ray and DT Swiss Aerolite spokes; benefits of high tension in terms of wheel physics, tension cycles, and metal fatigue; carbon and aluminum rims; use of VAR and Park dishing tools; advanced techniques for wheel truing and how to eliminate both radial and lateral error at the same time; the structure of a wheel explained as a circular arch; Sapim self-locking nipples; comparison of different types of standard and internal nipples; and more!


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  1. Euro Wheel Builder

    “I already know how to build wheels, and yet this DVD is a great piece of documentation. Everything is explained in a quiet, relaxing manner that everybody should be able to understand, pro or novice. The explanation is excellent, and every step is also shown in detail, which is a big bonus. Are you thinking of building wheels? This DVD is compulsary reading (watching).”

    – Euro Wheel Builder, Netherlands

  2. Mark Gilbert

    “Hi, Bill; I recently purchased your Wheel Builder DVDs I & II from Amazon. First: I would like to thank you for two wonderful DVD’s. If your objective was to teach and encourage newbies like me to attempt to build their very first wheel, then your grade from me is A++. Thanks for two wonderful DVDs. I never would have learned about the Holy Driver on my own without it–just one jewel of many in your WB II DVD. And your DVDs impart information about wheel building in a way that no book could ever do. Great job! Your teaching/communication skills are fabulous. My hat is off to you. You deserve all the accolades you get from the reviewers of your DVDs and no doubt from those who take your wheel building classes too.”

    – Mark Gilbert, Sun Valley, Idaho

  3. Carl Wakefield

    “Awesome DVD! I learned so much from Bill’s wheel building video. Bill is an amazing teacher. His instructions are precise and easy to follow. In no time, you will learn the art of wheel building.”

    – Carl Wakefield

  4. Jeff

    “I built my first wheel before watching Bill Mould’s DVD — about eight hours, wheel out of true, dish problems, and wasn’t sure how to go about correcting the errors. I watched “Master Wheel Building” three full times, pausing the DVD to read the detailed instruction panels. I finished the wheel I’d started, in about an hour — perfectly true and dished, spoke tension on both sides exactly where it should be. And, I built my second wheel in about three hours. Bill Mould is a wonderful teacher. On the DVD, he gives excellent explanations on: the attributes of a quality hand-built bicycle wheel; an overview of approaching a wheel build, both theory and practice; what to think about when choosing the tools to build the wheel; spoke lacing patterns; spoke tensioning, theory and practice; wheel dishing, theory and practice; stressing the wheel to keep it true for thousands of miles on the bike. After you’ve seen the DVD, you understand the principles of wheel building — and, you get the practical knowledge you need to build that perfect wheel.”

    – Jeff, Virginia

  5. Larry Steinmetz

    “This is a high quality production tackling a subject that very few people understand, including the vast majority of the bike riding community. The instructor, Bill Mould, comes off as an approachable, highly knowledgeable, and passionate wheel builder. This training video provides the requisite information to step a person through the process of taking an assortment of different parts on their workbench and turning them into a strong and true hand-built wheel. Those with little to no experience need not worry; everything is included in this video to provide the confidence to successfully tackle a wheel building project. I also appreciated the included appendices (8 total) covering the following: Wheel Esthetics, Component Choices, Disc Brake Tutorial, Measuring Spoke Length, Tensioning Bladed Spokes, Wheel Physics, Building an Eccentric Wheel, and How to Use a Truing Stand. This is a value-added feature that enhances and reinforces the training provided by the main content of the DVD. I think it is fair to say that there is plenty in this video for all, from beginners through accomplished wheel builders. There is a lot of bang for the buck here and I doubt there will be too many unhappy campers who purchase this.”

    – Larry Steinmetz, Springfield, VA

  6. Biff Beckenschnifter

    “I bought this DVD to use in conjunction with the wheel building course that Bill teaches. Both the video and the class were extremely well designed and intelligently presented. Bill is the perfect teacher, combining both an engineer’s sense of precision and systematic approach to the topic, with an artist’s concern for the aesthetics of the final product. I knew nothing about building bicycle wheels, prior to Bill’s instruction, but now feel confident in my ability to both build wheels “from scratch” and to make routine adjustments and repairs. Although I was happy to have the opportunity to enjoy Bill’s personal instruction, this video easily stands on its own and could be used by anyone interested in building a quality wheel. A highly recommended resource.”

    – Biff Beckenschnifter, College Park, MD

  7. Robert DeMeyer Jr.

    “Bill taught me how to build a set of wheels. This guy is smart, practical, and focused on efficient, effective, durable, safe cycling wheels. Thank you Bill.”

    – Robert DeMeyer Jr.

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