Derailleurs In Depth

Derailleurs In Depth


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Derailleurs In Depth

A comprehensive guide to the bicycle drive train

Derailleurs In Depth thoroughly explains all of the intricacies of bicycle derailleur systems for conventional bicycles as well as those with internally routed cables and electronic shifters. Nearly 2 hours of content! Learn to adjust and troubleshoot your bike with confidence.

Chapter Contents:


1 – Derailleur Components and Linkage
2 – Rear Derailleur Limit Screws
3 – Rear Derailleur Cable Tension
4 – Rear Derailleur Indexing
5 – Rear Derailleur B Screw
6 – Front Derailleur Height
7 – Front Derailleur Angle
8 – Front Derailleur High Limit Screw
9 – Front Derailleur Low Limit Screw
10 – Front Derailleur Cable Tension
11 – Front Derailleur Detailed Movement
12 – Chainline
13 – Derailleur Binder (Pinch) Bolts
14 – Overview of Tips and  Troubleshooting
14A – Bent Derailleur Hanger
14B – Damaged Cables
14C – Cable and Housing Friction
14D – Wear of Drive Train Components
14E – Rear Derailleur Cable Loop
14F – Care of Barrel Adjusters
14G – Compatibility Mismatches
14H – Chain Is Too Short
14I – Shifting Chainrings Under Load
14J – Bottom Bracket Cable Guide
14k – Broken Cable During A Ride
Appendix A – Chains and Cassettes
Appendix B – Further Study


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  1. Bob Williams

    “I’ve always been totally baffled by derailleurs and the difference between adjusting limit screws and cable tension. This video shined a giant spotlight on everything I didn’t understand and gave me a very complete understanding of how the whole shifting mechanism works – and what to do if it doesn’t. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be a little more self sufficient and not need a mechanic every time a derailleur needs to be tweaked.”

    – Bob Williams

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