Bike Better, Bike Faster

Bike Better, Bike Faster


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Bike Better, Bike Faster

New techniques for beginners and experts alike

From Bill Mould, the creator of “Ready to Roll: A Complete Guide to Bicycle Maintenance” and “Master Wheelbuilding,” comes a complete, well-researched, accessible manual on how to ride.

This DVD delves into many science and engineering aspects of bicycles and bicycle riding and is intended as an instructional video for those people who want to fully understand those disciplines of the sport. The following topics are illustrated and explained: basic physics of bicycles and bicycle riding; kinetic and potential energy; power; energy expended in climbing a hill; rolling resistance; friction resistance; bump resistance; aerodynamic drag fundamentals; survey of different brands of power meters; introduction to fluid dynamics; aerodynamic drag of deep section carbon rims; time trial and triathlon frame design; vortex shedding and front wheel buffeting; nutrition and training zones; Bernoulli’s Principle in bicycles; drag coefficients for various bluff and streamlined shapes; aerodynamics of drafting and tandems; aerodynamics of tires and cross sections of deep section carbon rims; wheel rotational energy in terms of moment of inertia and rate of rotation; and much more!


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  1. Joan P.

    “Another great biking classic from Bill Mould. Those of us who struggle to improve our riding will love this! Wish I’d learned this stuff years ago.”

    – Joan P., Virginia

  2. William C.

    “I was impressed by the depth of research Bill Mould provided to support his information and insights into better and faster biking. It applies to the majority of us bikers as well as the professional racer. Thoughtful also were his suggestions to those who have less money to spend, about ways in which they can optimize their biking experience.”

    – William C., Virginia

  3. Phil L.

    “The phrase ‘like learning to ride a bike’ has changed forever. Prepare to learn more about riding…a lot more.”

    – Phil L., Maryland

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