BOTH – Master Wheel Building I and II

BOTH – Master Wheel Building I and II


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Master Wheel Building – I and II

Complete guides to building the best wheels you’ll ever ride.

Master Wheel Building – I includes nearly two hours of comprehensive, expert instruction, troubleshooting, and maintenance tips designed to give riders the know-how and confidence to build and repair the two most important components on their bicycle: the wheels. This do-it-yourself course will teach you how to build a bicycle wheel. Included are the following topics: marking the rim and hub so that a professional alignment of labels results; lacing up a 32-spoke wheel for a three-cross pattern; tensioning the wheel; measuring spoke tension with a tensiometer; dishing the wheel; elimination of spoke windup; basic structure and forces in wheels; presetting spoke bends; and, more!  Thousands of copies of this video have been purchased around the world, and the levels of customer satisfaction have consistently been extremely high.

Master Wheel Building – II picks up where Master Wheel Building I leaves off, offering 3.5 hours of additional expert instruction into the details of wheel building. Included are: measuring hubs for spoke length calculation; measuring effective rim diameter for standard rims as well as rims with internal nipples; on-line spoke length calculators; heads in and heads out lacing patterns for different kinds of wheels; allowable crossing patterns depending on the number of spokes; understanding rim hole stagger patterns and drilling angles through rims; how to use the Problem Solvers “Holy Driver” to obtain perfect consistency in nipple starting points; dimensions and types of spokes, nipples, and washers; proper use of a tensiometer; proper balancing of spoke tension; structural differences between standard and off-center rims; an engineering explanation of stress relieving; elimination of spoke windup; bladed spokes; special tools to use with Sapim CX-Ray and DT Swiss Aerolite spokes; benefits of high tension in terms of wheel physics, tension cycles, and metal fatigue; carbon and aluminum rims; use of VAR and Park dishing tools; advanced techniques for wheel truing and how to eliminate both radial and lateral error at the same time; the structure of a wheel explained as a circular arch; Sapim self-locking nipples; comparison of different types of standard and internal nipples; and more!


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  1. Robert DeMeyer Jr. (verified owner)

    “Bill taught me how to build a set of wheels. This guy is smart, practical, and focused on efficient, effective, durable, safe cycling wheels. Thank you Bill.”

    – Robert DeMeyer Jr.

  2. Jerry Bosse

    “Bill, Good day! I enjoyed our wheel discussion over the phone last week! My wheel-building DVD’s arrived on Friday and I have watched them both. The new chapter setup works great and it makes it quick and easy to refer back to a topic. The pictures and clarity of the video are superb compared to the original video of 2010. The amount of information, demonstrations, and explanations are outstanding! Thank you again for a great product!”

    – Jerry Bosse

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