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All 4 Instructional Videos


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Special Offer!!! Get all 4 DVDs for only 99.95

Complete guides to building the best wheels you’ll ever ride.

Derailleurs In Depth thoroughly explains all of the intricacies of bicycle derailleur systems for conventional bicycles as well as those with internally routed cables and electronic shifters. Nearly 2 hours of content! Learn to adjust and troubleshoot your bike with confidence.

Master Wheel Building – I includes nearly two hours of comprehensive, expert instruction, troubleshooting, and maintenance tips designed to give riders the know-how and confidence to build and repair the two most important components on their bicycle: the wheels. This do-it-yourself course will teach you how to build a bicycle wheel. Included are the following topics: marking the rim and hub so that a professional alignment of labels results; lacing up a 32-spoke wheel for a three-cross pattern; tensioning the wheel; measuring spoke tension with a tensiometer; dishing the wheel; elimination of spoke windup; basic structure and forces in wheels; presetting spoke bends; and, more!  Thousands of copies of this video have been purchased around the world, and the levels of customer satisfaction have consistently been extremely high.

Master Wheel Building – II picks up where Master Wheel Building I leaves off, offering 3.5 hours of additional expert instruction into the details of wheel building. Included are: measuring hubs for spoke length calculation; measuring effective rim diameter for standard rims as well as rims with internal nipples; on-line spoke length calculators; heads in and heads out lacing patterns for different kinds of wheels; allowable crossing patterns depending on the number of spokes; understanding rim hole stagger patterns and drilling angles through rims; how to use the Problem Solvers “Holy Driver” to obtain perfect consistency in nipple starting points; dimensions and types of spokes, nipples, and washers; proper use of a tensiometer; proper balancing of spoke tension; structural differences between standard and off-center rims; an engineering explanation of stress relieving; elimination of spoke windup; bladed spokes; special tools to use with Sapim CX-Ray and DT Swiss Aerolite spokes; benefits of high tension in terms of wheel physics, tension cycles, and metal fatigue; carbon and aluminum rims; use of VAR and Park dishing tools; advanced techniques for wheel truing and how to eliminate both radial and lateral error at the same time; the structure of a wheel explained as a circular arch; Sapim self-locking nipples; comparison of different types of standard and internal nipples; and more!

Bike Better, Bike Faster delves into many science and engineering aspects of bicycles and bicycle riding and is intended as an instructional video for those people who want to fully understand those disciplines of the sport. The following topics are illustrated and explained: basic physics of bicycles and bicycle riding; kinetic and potential energy; power; energy expended in climbing a hill; rolling resistance; friction resistance; bump resistance; aerodynamic drag fundamentals; survey of different brands of power meters; introduction to fluid dynamics; aerodynamic drag of deep section carbon rims; time trial and triathlon frame design; vortex shedding and front wheel buffeting; nutrition and training zones; Bernoulli’s Principle in bicycles; drag coefficients for various bluff and streamlined shapes; aerodynamics of drafting and tandems; aerodynamics of tires and cross sections of deep section carbon rims; wheel rotational energy in terms of moment of inertia and rate of rotation; and much more!


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