Ready To Roll

Ready To Roll


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Ready To Roll

A Complete Guide to Bike Maintenance

90 minutes of everyday maintenance, basic troubleshooting, and safety tips for bicyclists of all skill levels presented by master bike mechanic and wheel builder Bill Mould. “Ready to Roll” is designed to give riders the enjoyment and confidence of knowing how to work on their own bikes as well as the ability to evaluate the work of others who do it for them.

This DVD covers the basics of bicycle maintenance for riders who want to know how to make proper adjustments to their bikes prior to a ride.  Included are the following topics: rear derailleur limit screws and cable tension; front derailleur height, angle, limit screws, and cable tension; brake centering, toeing, and cable adjustments; measuring the amount of chain wear; essential safety checks; basic nutrition and hydration needs; suggested things to take with you on a ride; fixing a flat tire; and, more!


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  1. Mike A.

    “Covers everything from flat tire repair to derailleur adjustment…
    I finally feel confident checking my shifting before group rides.”

    – Mike A., Washington DC

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