Module 1: Fundamentals

Module 1: Fundamentals


MODULE 1 of The Bicycle Wheel: Physics & Engineering

1. Introduction and Table of Contents
2. Basic Terms and Definitions
3. Research Sponsors
4. Geometry and Trigonometry
5. Significant Figures and Scientific Notation
6. Dimensional Analysis
7. SI Units of Measure
8. Radian Measurement

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The Bicycle Wheel: Physics & Engineering

The most comprehensive bicycle wheel video ever created

After a lifetime of scientific study, countless experiments and continuous research, the Ultimate Video Series is finally complete! There is not one aspect about wheels that isn’t covered within this product. The Bicycle Wheel: Physics and Engineering holds approximately 15 hours of content, and you are guaranteed to find that this “college course” is the most comprehensive bicycle wheel video ever created. This downloadable video series literally covers everything that you need to know concerning the bicycle wheel.


Glimpse 1 – Overview

Glimpse 2 – Fundamentals of Science & Math


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